SF: Pho and Cha Gio at Miss Saigon

egg rolls (cha gio)


One late morning in San Francisco, I started walking around the neighborhood. I went past Market Street in search of something to eat. I had a vague notion I wanted noodles (though to be honest, I want noodles almost all the time) and I knew I’d find a pho shop or two along the way if I just kept walking. I passed one and paused briefly to survey the dining room. I kept walking and within minutes I arrived at Miss Saigon.

There was a mannequin luring us in but really it was the smell of broth.

I ordered my standard meal at a Vietnamese noodle stand- egg rolls and pho dac biet.

The egg rolls (cha gio) had a much thicker skin than I would have liked but the filling was good. I appreciated the generous amount of lettuce and herbs to go with my appetizer.

beef noodle soup (pho dac biet)


But what sold me was the rich and savory broth of the beef noodle soup. It had the right amount of pepper and I was very happy with the noodles and quality of the beef cuts.

I left extremely full which was a problem later when I snacked my afternoon away on my SF bar crawl. Ah well, nothing but a shot of Fernet-Branca can’t fix. I’m in SF after all!

Miss Saigon

100 6th St., San Francisco, CA 94103  —  (415) 522-0332
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