SF: Snacks and Drinks at ABV

Pineapple Bum


After lunch at Miss Saigon, I headed over to ABV. This was high on my list of bars I wanted to visit in San Francisco. I got there in the early afternoon and sipped on a drink before my friends got there a little while later.

I asked what rancio was. Since I’m not a wine person (I like it with dinner), I was fascinated to learn it’s oxidized wine. Thinking of it like vermouth, this spin on the classic brown, bitter, stirred drink was just right for me. Cappelletti is a liqueur often used to replace Campari. So let’s think of this as a rum Negroni?

Pineapple Bum – pineapple rum, rancio, cappelletti

foie stuffed olives


Although I was really stuffed, I couldn’t help but order a few things including the foie stuffed olives. Oh be still my ever loving heart! These were great. Although it would be really hard to imagine them not being good. If you like bleu cheese stuffed olives, you might want to give these a whirl.



I also had a bite of my friend’s burger. It was just a little bit too salty for me but I can see this going great with lots and lots of beer.

padron peppers


Instead I was in love with the padron peppers. These were the freshest I have ever had. They actually reminded me of awesome fresh green beans. They were so tender and inspired me to think about growing my own peppers just so I can have them again– right off the vine.

Sutro Swizzle


I also had the Sutro Swizzles. I love swizzles and this one was so much fun with armagnac. It’s fairly simple but the fact it was on ice and it was extremely warm for SF made it the perfect tipple of the day.

Sutro Swizzle – armagnac, grapefruit shrub, maraschino, lemon

The next time I’m in SF, I would love to check out the tasting menu upstairs.



3174 16th St.,  San Francisco, CA 94103  —  (415) 400-4748

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