SF: All the Gin at Whitechapel

gin and tonic flight


Another bar high on my list to check out in San Francisco was Whitechapel SF. I had heard a talk from Keli Rivers on Bols Genever in Hollywood a few months before and made a note to see her in SF. She described Whitechapel so amazingly, I had to see for myself. However, she wasn’t working the day I dropped in. We had great service though and I really enjoyed the bar.

And despite having lunch at Miss Saigon and then snacks (and drinks) at ABV, I was ready for happy hour! We ordered wings and fish and chips to enjoy with all the drinks.

You can’t go to a gin bar and not order a gin and tonic (well, at least I can’t). But which one? I decided to build a flight of French, Tiki and Italian G&Ts. My fave was the tiki one. The Italian one was basically a negroni with tonic water. I did love the French one but it had grapefruit (pamplemousse) and that is my favorite citrus.

Gin and Tonic flight

French – Citadelle gin, Combier pamplemousse liqueur, Giffard ginger liqueur, Q tonic

Tiki – Whitechapel gin, Smith & Cross rum, falernum, passion fruit, East Imperial tonic

Italian – Whitechapel gin, Campari, Italian vermouth, Lurisia tonic



The food is really good. It’s a pretty good happy hour deal. By this point my friends had abandoned me to my happy hour munchies. Well, they do live in SF and don’t have to bar/food splurge.


Audrey Rose


The delicate and pretty Audrey Rose was a lovely drink. I finally came around to rose wine when I could find drier versions of it. But I’d happily abandon it for one of these beauties.

Audrey Rose– Hendrick’s gin, violette, Dolin blanc vermouth, rose water, Peychaud’s bitters, acid phosphate


Narc Angel


The Narc Angel had a fun presentation. It’ll (very) slowly release the liqueurs into the drink or you could drizzle some on top if you wanted that extra flavor right away.

Narc Angel – Ford’s gin, maraschino, orange curacao, Campari, ginger, mint, lemon

I loved the very local feel of Whitechapel. It’d be my neighborhood pick.


Whitechapel SF

600 Polk St., San Francisco, CA 94102  —  (415) 292-5800

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