Chicago: Late Night Chinese Food at Three Happiness

fried rice


The late night munchies hit us and in all the years I’ve been going to Chicago, I had never explored their Chinatown. So we headed over to Three Happiness for one of those “I know I had dinner but I’m having a second dinner now” meals.

A couple of my friends ordered the sesame chicken (not shown) which I discovered was like orange chicken but without the icky (I mean addicting) sauce. I’m generally not a fan of gloppy sauces which makes me firmly in the authentic Chinese food camp. But every now and then I can do American Chinese food (i.e. late at night).

They also got the fried rice which I actually quite enjoyed.

shrimp and green beans


I needed my veggies so I got the shrimp and green beans. The shrimp were quite fresh as were the green beans. I was glad they de-veined the shrimp. The corn-starch based sauce was minimal. This would be great with plain white rice but we did have plenty of fried rice so I held off order plain rice.




We also got some Chinese greens, my favorite hollow stemmed veggies (aka morning glory, aka ong choy). I fleetingly thought about that hotel fridge. Nah, we just finished up the plate of greens.

For a restaurant that has been around for decades, I’m sure the owners past and present have seen some stuff. On this night, we witnessed a dispute from a driver who wanted to pick up a meal. My friends thought it was all part of the neighborhood charm and said they’d come back.

On my next trip to Chicago, I’ll have to come back to Chinatown during the day to check out the other restaurants. I particularly want to find a dim sum spot.

Three Happiness

209 W Cermak Rd., Chicago, IL 60616  —  (312) 842-1964
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