DTLA: Pizza at The Urban Oven

sausage pizza


Urban Oven, the food truck, has gone brick and mortar. The new restaurant is open at the newly renovated Bloc (yep, Bloc, no K) in Downtown Los Angeles.

We ordered a large pizza for lunch as well as a salad and meatballs.

I found the fennel pollen very interesting on the sausage pizza. Lots of great fresh flavor in this pie.



The meatballs were very good. I liked that they were meaty and not just meat flavored breadcrumbs like some other spots around town do.

arugula salad


And we Californians like our salads. The arugula is a very fresh one. The Urban Oven is a great choice for lunch and I bet will be very popular with the DTLA lunch crowds.


The Urban Oven

700 S Flower St., Los Angeles, CA 90017  —  (310) 956-9679
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