Glendale: Slurpin’ it Up at Kopan Ramen

red ramen


Recently I checked out Kopan Ramen, a local chain with locations all over Los Angeles County including Encino, Alhambra, Rowland Heights and more. I went to the Glendale location one Sunday afternoon.

They’re known for the fatty unctuous tonkotsu broth which people in LA are obsessed with. It is one of my favorite styles though I worry that people might not understand there’s more than one style of broth. Until then, I’ll just enjoy all the different ones I encounter.

seafood gyoza and edamame



We started out with seafood gyoza and edamame. I thought it was interesting only beef, seafood or veggie dumplings were offered. Where’s the pork? Or is it because there’s enough pork in the ramen broth? Actually, there is a veggie ramen on the menu as well for those who don’t like delicious meaty broths.

black ramen


You can customize your bowl by picking the size, spice level, protein and toppings. Or you can get one of their signature ramens. I chose the red ramen with spicy miso added into the tonkotsu. My friend had the black ramen which is black garlic oil.

I had specified I wanted it spicy and it was absolutely perfect. I liked that the noodles didn’t get too mushy towards the end. My friend’s was a lovely vegetal ramen with lots of mushroom flavor. Bonus, both ramen bowls came with an egg half. The yolk was just barely cooked. Sorry, no egg porn shots here. The soup did seem to get thicker towards the end.

Kopan Ramen



We had a good time and I’d stop at the other locations if I was near one. I noticed some also doubled as Korean tofu shops but I would go for the ones that also served sushi as well.


Kopan Ramen

126 N Brand Blvd., Glendale, CA 91203  —  (818) 242-0505
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