SGV: Lunch at Sichuan Kungfu Fish

pollock fillet



I believe in attainable goals. One of my current goals is to try all the restaurants at the Westfield Santa Anita mall. A couple of weekends ago, we tried Sichuan Kungfu Fish. Is it a spicy fish place that wants to kick your ass? Yeah, I think so.

After looking over the menu, we decided on one of their combo meals which comes with a variety of side dishes (called side kicks in this case). We settled on the pollock fillet which came with enough chopped up chiles to either scare or delight you.

tea and milk tea


Planning ahead, I ordered a milk tea just in case the fish tried to throw a flying kick at me. (kung fu, get it?)

sweet potato tots


Our fish combo came with sweet potato tots served with a sweet chili sauce. I love tots but I got burned out on sweet potato fries years ago. These were good though.


mushroom and cauliflower skewers


We did add a couple of skewers to our meal. I preferred the cauliflower over the mushroom.

As for our fish, the sauce/broth/stuff it was swimming in was great. While spicy, I didn’t feel like I couldn’t handle it. Also my body didn’t try to fight it and accepted somewhat gracefully my spicy (especially Sichuan ma la) kick. Maybe after the recent battle after eating at Hai Di Lao, it grew super powers. Still, I kept that milk tea handy.

I also liked our fish-shaped hot pot of fish came with fish balls (how many times can I type fish?). Our food was served with rice.

ice cream sundae



The combo came with ice cream sundaes for us. The simple vanilla with chocolate sauce worked surprisingly well with the food. While I was a little confused by the modern look of the restaurant (it could easily be an American farm to table restaurant), I thought the overall experience was good. I am tempted to bring a big group in for their seafood feasts.


Sichuan Kungfu Fish

400 S Baldwin Ave., Ste 2360, Arcadia, CA 91007  —  (626) 461-5300

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