Koreatown: Bossam Lettuce Wraps at Jun Won



Jun Won has been on my radar for years and I finally made it in the other night. They’ve been getting a lot of buzz and renewed interest lately so expect a bit of a wait. Jun Won is known for bossam, a hearty and meaty Korean dish. You can create your own “lettuce wraps” by layering pork, pickled vegetals and cabbage garnished with raw jalepeno and garlic. Don’t go on a date after you eat this.

I found the pickled kimchi radish to be super spicy. And for those who want to go Korean surf and turf style, you can order bossam with oysters.

seafood kimchi pancake



While I love banchan, I would perhaps save some room for a kimchi pancake. Jun Won has a magnificent one that’s very fluffy and full of tender seafood.



Here’s how I put together my bossam. You get a couple of dipping sauces as well though I found it fairly flavorful. I will have to say I should have dipped the meat first because dipping everything could cause your wrap to fall apart. All in all, it’s a fun experience and you should grab three of your pork loving friends to try it.


Jun Won

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