Santa Barbara: Chinese Dinner at Lucky Dragon Goleta

mabo tofu


On my last night in Santa Barbara, we felt like Chinese food. I’ve been into spicy Sichuan lately so I looked for that style. I knew once I read the menu and from the photos I had found my spot. We headed out to Goleta and found Lucky Dragon in a strip mall. We went to the Good Bar at the Klimpton Goodland Hotel after and it was just the perfect night.

I have some standards I order at a Sichuan place. I always want to get mabo tofu. This dish was spicy but not as spicy as I’ve had it in the San Gabriel Valley in Los Angeles. Still, I didn’t ask for it to be that spicy. And it was better for me that I wasn’t begging for water every 10 minutes.

water boiled fish with green peppercorns


I also like to get a fish dish. I opted for the fish with green peppercorns. My friend really liked the pickled cabbage in this dish which gave it a nice tangyness to combat the spice.




I was looking for my mung bean noodles and didn’t see it. Instead we got these awesome spicy noodles.

pea sprouts


Usually I like eggplant but this night we got pea sprouts for our veggies of the day. These had a nice hint of garlic.

Lucky Dragon was indeed a lucky find.


Lucky Dragon

6831 Hollister Ave., Ste B, Goleta, CA 93117  —  (805) 770-5651

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