DTLA: Algerian Cous Cous Bowls

baba ganoush

I recently checked out Palikao in Downtown Los Angeles. They took over the old sandwich/poke space and they are on the same block as Cole’s French Dip.

We started with the baba ganoush which was flavorful and just the right texture.

lamb cous cous bowl


When you pick your bowl, you start with what grains you want. I opted for the cous cous but they also have other options like quinoa. Then you can choose your protein. I went with the mergez as I really like lamb sausage. For fun, we also had a meatless meatball. It reminded me a bit of a matzo ball as it was both dense and fluffy at the same time. I also got all the veggies. I liked the beets and cauliflower quite a bit.

You can also get a spicy or mild broth added to the bowl. I wanted a bit of a kick and asked for the spicy one.

I really like the space which has become much warmer and feels like there’s more seating. I will be adding Palikao to my DTLA lunch rotation.



130 E 6th St., Los Angeles, CA 90014  —  213-265-7006
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