Koreatown: Porridge and Chicken Soup at Mountain

chicken soup


It was a cold and rainy night in Los Angeles and we headed to Mountain Cafe in Koreatown for dinner. It’s in a crazy strip mall with two other popular restaurants that had lines out the door. While Mountain was not crowded, it had a steady take out business.

We ordered three things to share including the chicken ginseng soup. The small chicken is stuffed with rice but you also get a bowl of rice with it. It’s a very filling and just the perfect tummy warmer on a chilly night.

banchan including beef


The simple banchan included salted radish, kimchi, kimch radish and beef. You can get all of it refilled though they do charge extra for more beef.

I ate my chicken and rice with mainly the kimchi.

abalone rice chowder


The number one selling item at Mountain is the abalone rice chowder. It is in fact item number one on the menu. The chowder of course is a porridge and Koreans prize abalone in theirs. I didn’t see much in the thick porridge but I enjoyed the flavor.

Some might add salt and other things to the porridge. I actually liked the mild flavor on its own. A lot of people mention getting more beef just to eat with the porridge.



The mandoo (also spelled mandu) was called boiled ravioli on the menu. I really liked these huge dumplings. There wasn’t any sauce on the table but you might want to sprinkle a bit of salt on. Or do what I did which was brush some kimchi over the dumplings.

I love the fact Mountain is open 24 hours. You’ll find me stumbling over there after a drinking session at Cafe Bleu or Normandie Club. I can’t wait to try their ox foot soup and tofu soup.


Mountain Cafe

3470 W 6th St.,  Los Angeles, CA 90020  —  (213) 487-7615

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