Chinatown: Drinks at Apotheke LA

High Plains Drifter


I’ve been anticipating Apotheke opening in LA since I heard about it in late 2013. After some time had passed, I had forgotten it was opening. Then I started hearing buzz about the impending a couple months back and all of sudden it was the it bar to visit for about a week. However, for the rest of us who sometimes don’t get to the bars on the very first night of opening (but how about a week later though?), Apotheke is still very much a place to visit. And it’d be a particularly fun one to go to before or after the nearby Majordomo restaurant (that is if you can get a reservation!!).

In any case, go to Apotheke! It’s open in Chinatown and I hope that means there’ll be more fun nightlife in this pocket of LA.

I started with the High Plains Drifter as I generally start with whiskey. I was intrigued by the typos on the menu. Is “sasspirilla” sarsaparilla? I believe so. As it turned out, it’s a pretty interesting whiskey cocktail. Lots of subtle flavors.

High Plains Drifter – barley and sarsaparilla infused rye whiskey, saffron agave, Angostura bitters, absinthe rinse

Nuvem de Terra


My friend had the Nuvem de Terra and it was the prettiest drink of the night. Usually my friends are good at ordering colorful drinks since my go-to are brown, bitter, stirred drinks. This one seemed pretty healthy and could potentially be a cold/flu buster! There’s acai, ginger, lime… and plenty of bourbon and rum.

Nuvem de Terra – bourbon, Zaya rum, blackberry-acai puree, ginger, lime, Laphroaig mist


Path of Righteousness

Moving back to whisk(e)y, I got the other drink under the painkillers section; the Path of Righteousness. I consider this a Manhattan variation on the rocks. Start with a good peaty scotch and add in sweetness from the Green Chartreuse and the vermouth.

Path of Righteousness – Laphroaig scotch whisky, Aperol, Green Chartreuse, Carpano Antica sweet vermouth, rhubarb bitters

I loved the decor of Apothoke from the cute tables and fabulous chandeliers to the spacious back patio. Once you find your way up the ramp and into Apotheke, they’ll ask you to depart from the back when you leave. But will you leave though?

Apotheke LA

1746 N Spring St., Los Angeles, CA 90012  —  323-844-0717

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