DTLA: Cocktails at Manuela

Bitter Flower, Cider Car


I dropped by Manuela for drinks after dinner one night last week. We wanted a night cap and were in the Arts District. I had never been for drinks before (however, I’ve done brunch).

Luckily a couple of seats opened up at the bar. I didn’t want anything too heavy so I got the Cider Car which sounded nice with the aged rum and chai syrup. My friend went for a drink under the Apertif list and ended up with the Bitter Flower. I suspect because of the Grand Hops liqueur (which I love from Greenbar Distillery, just down the street from Manuela).

Bitter Flower– Lillet blanc, Grand Hops liqueur, Grand Hoppy liqueur, Gruet sparkling wine, lemon sugar

Cider Car – Three Sheets aged rum, cider, chai syrup, citrus

The bar has a fun vibe and since it’s in the artsy Hauser Wirth complex, the giant fabric scraps ceiling thingamabobs hanging from the ceiling felt very appropriate.


907 E 3rd St., Los Angeles, CA 90013  — (323) 849-0480
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