Feed the Hungry: Burrito Project x Greenbar Distillery #loveourcity Campaign, Dinner Recap at Sake Dojo



I recently attended a dinner at Sake Dojo to launch the #loveourcity campaign, a joint venture between The Burrito Project and Greenbar Distillery. For every Greenbar’s City Bright Gin cocktail purchased in September, a burrito will be donated to feed the hungry in California. They are projecting 50,000 burritos will be made between October and December this year.

There are a ton of restaurants and bars participating from Sacramento to San Diego. Some Los Angeles restaurants include Sake Dojo, Manuela, EP/LP and more! Check out the complete list here.

Pictured above was the table’s favorite drink of the night. It’s nicely balanced and worked well with our wonderful Yuzu Catalana dessert.

Greenstar – Greenbar City Bright gin, matcha, apple, honey, mint

fried chicken (karaage)


I probably should stop saying how much I love fried chicken. But I do and I’m glad I got to try Sake Dojo’s.

fried shrimp


Don’t twist our arm to finish off the last of the fried shrimp. This went fast!


City Skies

But we actually started with the City Skies, a refreshing drink that worked well with our fried chicken and fried shrimp appetizers.

City Skies – Greenbar City Bright gin, rose, sage, lemon, tonic


Fresh oysters are always so good! I tried this with a bit of the gin neat.

rainbow roll


I loved that cucumber was used instead of the traditional nori for the rainbow roll. This was served with a simple hijiki and cucumber salad.


Two sushi burritos: spicy tuna and shrimp tempura + mackerel battera sushi


Blood From A Stone

I liked that this drink, Blood From A Stone, was slightly spicy and added an additional element to the fish courses; Sake Dojo’s spicy tuna sushi burrito and mackerel battera sushi.

Blood From A Stone – Greenbar City Bright gin, blackberry, serrano chile, basil, tonic

Citrus prawn pasta


Just when I thought the sushi burritos did me in, I found just enough space to inhale this citrus prawn pasta. The noodles were perfect as was the sauce.

Yuzu Catalana


As mentioned, the Greenstar drink went well with the dessert. Not being a huge dessert fan, I passed the rest of my dish on. But I did really like it. I was just too full to fully appreciate it.

Now I’ll have to go see which Greenbar City Bright gin cocktail is at Barrel and Ashes, Mohawk Bend, Momed and Salazar!

Many thanks to We Like LA for alerting me to this wonderful project!

Greenbar Distillery

Burrito Projectmake burritos in October!

Find more participating restaurants and bars here!

Sake Dojo

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