SGV: In Search of Vietnamese Seafood at Diep Thanh Thanh

razor clams


After a wonderful meal at OC & LAU recently, I began searching for something closer to Los Angeles. The Vietnamese way of cooking seafood was really delicious and I was craving razor clams.

I found Diep Thanh Thanh via some posts on Instagram and asked my favorite dining partner to join me for dinner.


avocado shake


Diep Thanh Thanh also serves coffee, drinks and shakes. I got an avocado shake that tasted like there may have been coconut milk in it. It was great but be aware that the blender they make the shakes is LOUD! It suddenly feels like you’re sitting next to an helicopter.

shrimp salad


We started with the shrimp salad. The salad dressing was a bit on the sweeter side but a squeeze of lime did the trick. The shrimp are raw so be aware of that.

As mentioned I wanted razor clams. These unfortunately were cooked a tad too long and were sadly chewy.

seafood hot pot


We had better luck with the seafood hot pot. I enjoyed cooking the food table side. The broth is fantastic and this was the best dish of the night. They also give you plenty of veggies and I loved DTT also included quail eggs.

lobster noodles


We wanted a carb of some sort (or I wanted a carb) and opted for the lobster noodles. I thought the lobster was a bit on the older side. Some pieces were tasty though. Our server had suggested the noodles to be fried. I should have stuck with soft noodles. I kept imagining all the extra calories from frying the noodles.

Luckily the hot pot came with noodles so I got my carbs fix that way.

Over all I would return for the hot pot and I’d try some other dishes. Maybe the snails. They also have pho and rice plates but I would stick with the seafood.

Diep Thanh Thanh

8450 Garvey Ave., Ste 102, Rosemead, CA 91770  —  (626) 280-6666

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