Mar Vista: Cocktails at Accomplice Bar

Mai Tai


Oddly I’ve never sat at the bar at Accomplice until recently. I have eaten at Little Fatty plenty of times and enjoyed the drinks from their bar Accomplice with the food. This time I wanted to check out just the bar.

I chose the Mai Tai which I got because of the addition of ube. The little jello cubes of ube were great. This was tropical without being overwhelmingly so.

I’ve also had their versions of Ramos Gin Fizz (gin, sherry, Calpico, coconut La Croix, rosewater, aguafaba) , Pearl Diver (Puerto Rican rum, dark rum, lemon basil, Gaby’s Gardenia mix) which are lovely.

Mai Tai – rum, orgeat, Alphonso mango, coconut, lime, ube



Of course I couldn’t resist a snack and ordered the wontons. Despite the fire looking spicy sauce, these actually weren’t that spicy.

Stable Genius

From the specials board, I ordered the Stable Genius because I’m interested in the bergamot liqueur on the market right now, Italicus. This read like a martini on the rocks.

Stable Genius – gin, shiso, Italicus, vermouth

Banana Manhattan


Then I spotted the new Tempus Fugit Spirits Creme de Banane that just hit the Los Angeles market a couple months ago. I wondered how it’d be in a Manhattan. To which point the bartender asked if I worked for the brand because three guys ordered banana Manhattans last week. Hahah! I must just be on trend.

Banana Manhattan – Old Overhold rye whiskey, Tempus Fugit Spirits Creme de Banane liqueur, bitters

I really enjoyed the vibe of the bar and Accomplice is more than a wonderful neighborhood bar. I would make it a destination bar but it’s not too close to other craft bars (walking wise, anyway) so I’d say just make a night out of it at Accomplice.

And as they say at the bar- “Not friends, not enemies, just accomplices.”

Accomplice Bar

3811 Grand View Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90066  —  (310) 574-7610

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