Checking Out Pisco Capurro at DTLA’s Barcito

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The Minty’s Spirits Week continues with exploring Peruvian pisco. If you read my Travel to Chile posts, you’ll know how important the grape spirit is to both Peru and Chile. And although Chile produces more pisco and actually buys a lot from their neighbor, it is Peruvian pisco that is better known in the US.

I recently attended a Capurro tasting at Barcito. I’ve been familiar with Capurro for many years and have always enjoyed a pisco sour made with their Acholado. Then lately I noticed they had a new bottle design and label. And then three more expressions came onto the market. I was glad to try the Quebranta, Torontel and Moscatel. These are single varietals of grapes unlike the Acholado which is a blend (and secret family recipe!).

Capurro Acholado – good for mixing, deep grape aroma

Capurro Quebranta – This reminded me a bit of banana bread in aroma

Capurro Torontel – More herbal smelling, very fresh

Capurro Moscatel – If this was a perfume, I imagine wearing it in the late spring or early summer


I’m not interested in the dispute between Chile and Peru and who made pisco first. I’m inclined to believe the natives and Spanish developed the spirit in the pisco regions of Peru and Chile where the borders weren’t so distinct around the same time.

What is interesting to me is Capurro is a five-generation pisco family and helped establish the DO (denomination of origin) back in the 90s. Peruvian pisco can only come from 5 regions. It is distilled once  in pot stills and goes directly into the bottle at proof. It is never diluted or filtered.


Pisco Sour with Capurro

I love sour drinks of all types (whiskey sour, anyone?) but I feel the egg white drink is enhanced by the delicate grape spirit.

Pisco Sour – Capurro acholado pisco, egg white, lemon, Angostura bitters



We were in time for happy hour so we also ordered some snacks. The tostada with local fish, avocado mousse and chiles was really good. I wished I didn’t have to share it with my friend.

Brazilian wings


Barcito is a Brazilian inspired restaurant and they sell their wings by the piece during happy hour. We got a half dozen of the juicy, meaty wings.


My friend loved the Chilcano with Capurro acholado. The house ginger beer really plays well with the pisco.

Chilcano– Capurro acholado pisco, house made ginger beer, lime

short ribs fries


We also got the animal style shortribs fries. Oh my, this was a big plate of meat and reminded me of my time in South America. Loved that chimichurri aioli!

As mentioned I’ve seen the various Capurro expressions around town in cocktails. Keep an eye out for them at Hotel Figueroa, Accomplice Bar, Redbird and more spots in LA.


Pisco Capurro


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