Enjoying Ready to Drink St. Agretsis Negroni

Ready to go, ready to drink!

It’s Spirits Week on The Minty and today we dive into the world of ready to drink cocktails.

I didn’t like many ready to drink cocktails until I tried a St. Agretsis Negroni (gin, bitter, sweet vermouth). From Brooklyn, New York, this bottled Negroni came onto the market just in time for all the summer picnics. I recently took some to the Hollywood Bowl. This is perfect for me as I don’t drink much wine and tended to make drinks at the Bowl. Now, if you’ve ever been, this can be a production as I brought almost my entire home bar with me and I only recently started buying ice at the Bowl– yes, I used to even bring my own ice! Now, I can just bring a four-pack of Negronis from St. Agretsis.

Although the pre-mixed cocktail is already diluted and ready to drink chilled, I found it did need a little bit of ice for those who aren’t so into bitter amaro. If you like spritzes, you can add in prosecco or sparkling wine. Don’t forget the twist! Traditionally it’s an orange twist but I tend to like lemon twists for Negronis.


Four pack of St. Agretsis


St. Agretsis is made with St. Agretsis Inferno bitter, Greenhook American dry gin and sweet vermouth. A four pack retails around $25 and just became available in California. Or you can order some online at Astor Wines.


St. Agretsis

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