SGV: Taiwanese Milk Tea at Sweet Heart Dessert House

ice ball of mango tapioca

After our baller lunch at New Century Lobster, we walked a couple doors down over to Sweet Heart Dessert House for an Asian desserts experience.

We tried their mango tapioca with condensed milk that’s served in an ice ball. It’s supposed to be instagram friendly but I felt it was a little difficult to tell what’s in the ice ball. Still, it’s pretty cool they’re using fresh mango.

mochi egg waffle


I was more into the mochi egg waffle. Each nub was filled with a piece of mochi. Traditional egg waffles lovers may not like the chewy texture but I did.

the mochi in the egg waffle


See, the mochi!


rose Taiwanese milk tea


I picked poorly with the Taiwanese milk tea though. I asked for the rose flavor. I usually get taro. Taiwanese style is creamier than the traditional Hong Kong style. I will stick with Hong Kong style next time. You think my lack of a sweet tooth and lactose intolerant nature would keep me away from even picking this drink but I wanted to try it. It’s also too floral for me. Perhaps just real roses while sipping a simple black tea would have been better. Yo, someone send me roses.


Sweet Heart Dessert House

8522 E Valley Blvd., Rosemead, CA 91770  —  (626) 280-1618
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