DTLA: Seven Seas Soup at Senor Fish

chips and salsa (pico de gallo)


Senor Fish is a mini chain in Southern California. I used to go to the location in Little Tokyo but they closed a few years ago. They opened this one in Downtown Los Angeles near the LAPD headquarters, just a few blocks from that old location. I’ve also been to the one in Eagle Rock which has a different vibe than the DTLA one.

The DTLA one is huge with a patio in the front. During lunch, you grab a menu and walk all the way to the back, past the bar to order. They’ll give you a number and it’s more or less self serve between the chips, salsa bar, drinks. However, they will bring you the food and utensils.

sopa de siete mares (seven seas soup)


It’s been rainy lately in LA so it’s been soup weather. I remember Senor Fish had several soups that looked interesting. One of my favorites is the Seven Seas Soup (sopa de siete mares). This huge bowl had fish, shrimp, a mussel (I didn’t find another!), scallops and octopus. It also had shreds of imitation crab. It came with a ton of veggies and a bowl of cabbage, cilantro, onions, lime as well as oregano and other spices. There was a mysterious chile oil that I skipped in favor of just a couple of drops of habanero salsa.

I also got a side of rice to go with my meal though this did come with tortialls.

I thought the veggies should have been diced more, especially the green beans. The celery was somewhat badly cut with the veins still holding the chunks together. I was confused by the slices and wedges of tomatoes. Should it be diced? In the end, it doesn’t matter when you have good teeth! The veg was very tender and even the raw cabbage got nicely “cooked” when I added it into the hot broth.

fish Veracruzana

On another trip, I had the fish Veracruzana. The orange roughy was topped with the green olive and tomato sauce. It served with rice, beans and salad plus tortillas. To my surprise I ate every last bit of it though it wasn’t my favorite version of Veracruzana. Perhaps I was just hungry. Or I really liked the rice.

I love the ceilings at Senor Fish DTLA


Senor Fish in DTLA has this artsy/ industrial vibe that is so different from the beach shack feel of the Eagle Rock. In the end, it depends of your mood as the food is about the same (tasty) at both locations!

There is a full bar at this location and the bar seems to draw a large sports loving crowd.

Senor Fish DTLA

155 S Main St., Los Angeles, CA 90012  —  (213) 265-7544

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