DTLA: Dinner at Breva, the Restaurant at the Renovated Hotel Figueroa

fried chicken


The Hotel Figueroa has reopened after a nearly 3 year renovation. There will be a couple more bars and another restaurant by the pool to open but for now, go get drinks in the lobby and the new restaurant Breva.

The food is from Chef Casey Lane of Tasting Kitchen in Venice and drinks are by Dushan Zaric from the famed Employees Only in New York (LA is getting its own EO in West Hollywood very soon).

The food and drinks are inspired by the Basque country with a California twist.

Picon Punch

The Picon punch is a good drink for those who love cola flavors. Somehow the bitterness of the Picon magically combined with the pomegranate and citrus to create a rather familiar flavor.

Picon Punch – Picon, pomegranate, citrus


We started with a few appetizers including these tasty olives and almonds.

ham and cheese croquettes


The ham and cheese croquettes were really good with perfectly melted cheese.


Fords gin tonico

The bar at Hotel Figueroa features several gin and tonics listed as “gintonico.” They are named after the brand of gin used in each drink. We decided on the Fords gin one with the server’s help. Plus it has grapefruit which is my favorite citrus.

Fords gin tonico – Fords gin, lemongrass, pink peppercorn, grapefruit, East Imperial yuzu tonic

shishito peppers


For all your snacking purposes, the shishito peppers are a hit. The popular peppers were served with labneh (yogurt) and shaved mojama (salt cured tuna). This mimicked the usual prep of shaved Japanese bonito but mojama was more intense.

Cross of Gibraltar


I chose the Cross of Gibraltar since I’m a big fan of Japanese whisky and sherry. I was also intrigued by the use of aquafaba, a vegan eggwhite substitute. It was very balanced and not too tart. I liked the bay leaf garnish.

Cross of Gibraltar – Toki Japanese whisky, Amontillado sherry, absinthe, pear, quince, aquafaba, lemon, bitters

burger and fries

I think there must be some sort of rule that you can’t have a hotel restaurant much less a restaurant in LA without a burger. These fries were really great. And dry aged beef for the burger? Baller.

And the fried chicken (shown above) was so juicy! I loved the greens served with it as well. This was my favorite of the night.



I’m not usually a carrot fan but if you roast them enough, I’ll actually consider them. And perhaps even like the ones I tried. But no, objectively I can see this is a good side dish.

Ibiza Sunset


South American spirit meets an old world one in this Ibiza Sunset. And they became fast friends along with the sherry and Aperol.

Ibiza Sunset – Avua amburana cachaca, Rutte genever, Aperol, PX sherry, pineapple, lime, Angostura bitters



We had a nice piece of fish, the branzino with pole beans.


crispy fried potatoes


What are these magical potatoes? After the fried chicken, this was my favorite dish! I’m not usually a fan of mayo or in this case, aioli but it was so necessary. I like potatoes bravas but these crispy potatoes rocked! The manager who came to check on us said the potatoes reminded him of a good potato salad. Yes, but warm!

Bilbao Cobbler


The Bilbao Cobbler may have been my favorite drink of the night. This was easy drinking and the perfexct foil for our very well represented meal.

Bilbao Cobbler – Mare gin, Lustau Amontillado sherry, port, blackberry, lemon


pot du creme


And yet we got dessert. I loved the rich pot du creme. The chocolate was very silky.

passionfruit crostata


It happened to be Pi day the day I went so the passionfruit crostata fulfilled our pie needs.

Although we ate a fairly meaty meal, I can see a vegetarian would be able to each well here as well. I’d get two or three of the veggie small plates and then the cauliflower “chop.”

Years ago, I would marvel at the kooky Moroccan theme at Hotel Fig. It was always a fun place to grab a drink by the coffin-shaped pool. But now I imagine a more sophisticated evening to match the new decor. The pool is great but I think the basement lounge is where it’s going to be at. It’ll have its own entrance just like the pool will have its own entrance as well. Still, maybe the reservations only bar in the mezzanine above the lobby bar will be the hot spot. In any case, there are so many choices to choose from. Or keep it simple at the lobby bar and a bite from Breva.


Breva at Hotel Figueroa

939 S Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90015  —  (213) 660-3006
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