DTLA: Veranda Bar at Hotel Figueroa is Now Open

It’s Witchcraft


The Veranda Bar is now open at Hotel Figueroa. Some of the menu items were similar to the hotel restaurant, Breva, but just a little bit more casual. It’ll be a great spot for lunch or dinner next to the pool. I’ll have to go back to try the lollipop kale and fava tendril. I’m also interested in the chicken.


S. Maria al Monte from the 1970s

I did have drinks at the bar and admired their extensive amari collection. They also have some vintage bottles as well including a 70s bottling of S. Maria al Monte, a fernet-style amaro. This was particular bitter which was surprising considering the age. Perhaps it didn’t have very sugar in the first place as the bitterness was bracing.

For my first drink, I chose It’s Witchcraft, I figured a lighter style whiskey was in order after an extensive dinner earlier. This was a lovely patio sipper with sherry, strawberry and ginger.

It’s Witchcraft – Jameson, Palo Cortado sherry, Strega, strawberry, ginger, lemon


pisco punch


I’m in Chile right now so I didn’t taste my friend’s pisco punch since I knew I’d get a lot of pisco soon. She seemed to like her drink. I thought it was an interesting take on both a punch and a sour. Traditionally sour drinks use egg white to achieve that foam but lately people have been using aguafaba, the water from garbanzo beans cans for a vegan substitute. I’ve seem people use this water to make vegan meringues.

Pisco punch – Capurro Torrontel pisco, pineapple, citrus, aquafaba, Peruvian bitters




I was trying to decide between the tequila drink called Pavarotti but the bartender suggested the Vesuvio. This mix of mezcal and Aperol worked really well. I like the tropical vibes the drinks were giving. Plus it doesn’t hurt I love guava.

Vesuvio – mezcal, Aperol, guava, chile, lime




Ostensibly Veranda is a take on Mediterranean food and drinks. It was interesting to see Mykonos use a Greek brandy as the base but also backed for genever and a wine from Hungary. As for “angosinthe” they found a rinse or a spray of absinthe was too much for the drink so they added just a bit to Angostura bitters. I really liked this drink.

Mykonos – Metaxa 5 Star brandy, Rutte genever, Royal Tokaji wine, apricot, maple, lemon, angosinthe



Veranda Bar at Hotel Figueroa

939 S Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90015  —  (213) 660-3006
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