DTLA: Hotel Figueroa Opens Rick’s Pool Bar



The latest bar to open at Hotel Figueroa is Rick’s. It’s named after Rick’s Place from the movie Casablanca. It’s by the pool on the other side of the Veranda bar. Currently Rick’s doesn’t have food so you’ll have to check out Breva, the hotel’s restaurant or Veranda for nibbles.


frozen Jungle Birds


Can you be a pool bar without a frozen drink? The answer is no. The Jungle Bird is one of my favorite Campari drinks and it’s a natural drink to have by the pool with rum.

Jungle Bird – Gosling’s Black Seal rum, Campari, Ceylon cinnamon, pineapple, lime

Mai Tai ’44


Some days I wonder if the Mai Tai is my ideal vacation drink. I love the slight hint of creaminess from orgeat and let’s face it, rum is the fun spirit. I can certainly drink more of these than pina coladas (though that might be my second favorite vacation drink). I like what Rick’s has done with the mai tai… this is definitely elevated with three different rums and a really fancy orgeat (it’s macadamia and cashew instead of almond).


Mai Tai ’44 – Jamaican, Guyanese, Martinique rums, macadamia and cashew orgeat, vanilla demarara, lime


What I found interesting about Rick’s is their large collection of agave spirits. Ostensibly with the theme of Rick’s, I had imagined more of an oasis, possibly tropical themed bar (hence there are quite a few rum drinks) but Los Angeles is a desert and close to Mexico so bring on the tequila and mezcal!

I visited around magic hour but I hear it’s more romantic and intriguing at night. Noted!


Rick’s at Hotel Figueroa

939 S Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90015  —  (213) 660-3006
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