Eagle Rock: All the Seafood Tacos at Senor Fish

Fish, shrimp and scallop tacos


Recently I checked out Senor Fish in Eagle Rock after failing to get into a food festival. I should have known as it was a first food festival and often there are problems associated with these endeavors.

So we took off to Senor Fish to drown our foodie sorrows. It turns out three seafood tacos and a beer on a sunny patio really wipes away the pain and frustration of being trapped in a parking lot for an hour.

There are so many things on the menu. I had such a hard time deciding and that’s why I went with just tacos.  I got the (fried) fish, shrimp and scallops tacos. I was very curious about the scallops but will stick to just fish next time.

Or perhaps I’ll get grilled shrimp salad, tostada or maybe some seafood cocktail. The fries are also good. So perhaps nachos are in order next time. Or soup. Or maybe I’ll just go with a group of 10 and we each order something and share!

Now that would be a good food festival.


Senor Fish

4803 Eagle Rock Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90041  —  (323) 257-7167
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