Highland Park: Italian Dinner at Maximiliano



It’s been a few years since I’ve been to Maximiliano. I’m glad some of the favorites like the pork chop has remained on the menu. This juicy chop with kale and sweet potato puree remains as great as always.




We also had a few specials of the night including the liver with bread. I liked that it came with some pickled veggies.



I’m a big meatballs fan and these were really meaty with a sprightly tomato sauce. It was a perfect appetizer on a warm summer night on the patio.

panzanella with garlic bread


The panzanella blew our minds because it was made with garlic bread!




Between our menu discussions and side conversation with our server, we ended up ordering two pastas! I wanted to try the bombolotti with mushrooms and peas. The pinenuts made the simple pasta even better. I loved the kale, ricotta and pesto and Reggiano cheese as well.


squid ink pasta with seafood


On special that night was a squid ink pasta with seafood. This included mussels, squid and shrimp. It satisfied my seafood cravings.


roasted carrots


I lost the veggie vote as I hate carrots but even I can admit I ate one and it was good. The carrots were perfectly roasted.

Meyer lemon wit beer


I drank a Meyer lemon wit beer with my meal. It complemented the food well.

olive oil ice cream with salted caramel sauce


I was really too full to have more than a couple of bites of the olive oil ice cream with salted caramel sauce. But I had a good time trying to remember the word
stroopwafel. This dessert reminded me of a deconstructed stroopwafel.

I’ll have to remember to come to this neighborhood star more often!



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