Monthly Cocktail Boxes from the American Cocktail Club

cocktail box designed by Tanaya’s Table


Recently I received a cocktail box from Tanaya’s Table and the American Cocktail Club.

American Cocktail Club works with mixologists and others to create monthly boxes. Each box makes several drinks.


Gin Berry Blush


Tanaya’s Gin Berry Blush called for cardamon and dried rose petals at the end. I first tried the drinks without the cardamon. It was a little off. Tanaya knew what she was doing with the cardamon so I added in some to the drinks.

As for the rose petals… they were reserved for kids’ art projects. But I agree it would have made the drinks very pretty!

Monthly subscription boxes are all the rage now and I think it’d be fun to get one on how to make drinks every month. I have often wondered why people love those home meal kits. It teaches you how to think about flavors and putting together your own meals in the future when you follow recipes. And this works with drinks as well!


American Cocktail Club

Tanaya’s Table


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