Hollywood: Checking Out Chateau Hanare



Recently we checked out Chateau Hanare fore dineLA.

Hanare is built out of an bungalow at Chateau Marmont. However, it’s not considered to be part of the Chateau’s property and they have different management.




While I waited for my friend, I had a drink at the bar. I’ve been ordering more mezcal drinks lately and the Mikko caught my eye with the wild strawberry liqueur, Fragola. I also was intrigued by the addition of shochu which I’ve been learning more about lately. It’s a delicious drink.

Mikko – Gem & Bolt mezcal, Hebess Cool sweet potato shochu, Fragola wild strawberry liqueur, hibiscus syrup, yuzu juice




We were at Hanare for dineLA but couldn’t resist getting sashimi and tempura as well. We opted for six pieces of sashimi and veggie tempura. The sashimi was quite fresh.

For my appetizer, I got an assortment of kobachi. Included were mushrooms, pickled veggies and colorful cauliflower in a sesame sauce. It’s a very generous appetizer.

maguro and avocado salad


My friend got the maguro and avocado salad which was a beautifully composed dish of big chunks of tuna, slices of avocado and seaweed.

vegetable tempura


housemade tofu


Hanare also gave us the housemade tofu as part of our dineLAmeal. I always love fresh tofu. There’s nothing quite like that silky stuff. It’s very simply garnished and perfect without even soy sauce.


miso cod


I love miso cod and Hanare does theirs with Alaskan black cod and Saikyo miso.



My friend got the karaage for dinner. Japanese fried chicken or really, any fried chicken is always a favorite. This wasn’t greasy so lots of bonus points.



While I was at the bar, the bartender was working on a spicy tequila sour. I tried it and it was really great. It wasn’t too spicy and was perfect with the food.




For dessert, we chose ice cream and sorbet to end our meal.

This was my favorite dineLA meal this round and I look forward to returning to try their kaiseki.


Chateau Hanare

8097 Selma Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90046  —  (323) 963-5269

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