Mid-City: Return to Republique

fancy snacks


I loved Republique when I first went when it opened six years ago. I’ve been terribly remiss in returning. I have always enjoyed Chef Walter Manzke’s food. I am a regular at Sari Sari Store though it’s of course not the same.

So one night, we hit up the bar on the later side and had some heavy snacks.

Actually, the snacks weren’t heavy. We just had a lot of them.

I loved all the ones on the tiered platter. My favorites were all the ones with caviar. Which possibly may be all of them.

drinks at Republique


I’m going to admit right now I didn’t take notes on the drinks as I said something along the lines of “surprise us!” Lucky for us, I loved bar manager Shawn’s drinks. Both were refreshing and just what I needed after a long night of drinking whisky earlier.




I often tell people I don’t like bread. This is just not true. I like certain kind of bread. And Republique has my number on this great loaf.



I was very happy then that more bread comes with the charcuterie. Mini open face sandwiches! Yes!




Boys and girls, eat your greens.

We had a nice mushroom salad.



All this led to one of my favorite stews; cassolet! The French bean stew came with sausage and duck. It was lovely and warming. I enjoyed the leftovers for several days after.

Now why don’t I go to Republique more often? I need to go back to check out brunch and do a proper sit down with the cocktails.

Who’s with me?


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