Venice: Yours Truly Restaurant from Chef Vartan Abgaryan is Now Open

59th Street Bridge


Chef Vartan Abgaryan has opened Yours Truly on Abbott Kinney in the old Salt Air space.

Yours Truly is serving just wine and beer for now but I love a good low ABV drink. I had the 59th Street Bridge which was a refreshing way to start the meal.

59th Street Bridge – fino sherry, vin de pamplemousse, pineapple, citrus, bitters

Parker House rolls


I’m not a bread person but even I can get behind Parker House rolls. Loved the seaweed in the butter. Extra umami!

charred peas and their greens


I loved the salad of charred peas and their greens. So many layers of flavor from the anchovy, preserved lemon, capers and cave aged pecorino cheese.

scallop tartine


The scallop tartine was served with apples and daikon.  When our weather gets warmer (and stays warmer!), this will be a wonderful spring or summer dish.

avocado hummus


One of my favorite dishes of the night was the avocado hummus! I loved the flavors and the za’atar flatbread that came with it was perfect.

bucatini carbonara


Billed as a “carbonara” the eggs in the bucatini were the uni, trout roe and bottarga. It’s a really fun take. And that uni was so luscious!


skate wing


I loved the skate wing. It came with charmoula sauce and you ate it with the couscous. I loved the pickled raisins, pine nuts, fennel. Don’t forget to squeeze the lemon! This was my favorite dish of the night.


roasted chicken


Roasted chicken was served with brioche stuffing, black truffles, English peas, banyule vinegar and dill.

Flannery ribeye


Yours Truly was out of the pork rib chop so we got the Flannery ribeye. This has been dry aged and served with mushrooms cooked in a smoky balsamic vinegar.

I liked the steak and the mushrooms were the most intriguing part for me. I’m not much of a sauce person so I felt this was very balanced with flavors coming from steak and mushrooms.

chocolate cake and lemon curd


For dessert we got the chocolate cake and lemon curd. They were light but we still rolled out of Yours Truly. What a fantastic dinner. Congratulations to Chef Vartan and team. This will be a great addition to Abbott Kinney.


Yours Truly

1616 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice, CA 90291  —  310-396-9333


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