West Hollywood: Dinner and Drinks at Blackship

drinks at Blackship


I had Blackship on my list to check out since I first heard about its opening a few months ago.

I started with the Commodore Perry while my friend had a rye Manhattan.

Commodore Perry – gin, pear liqueur, matcha, lime, simple syrup

T.K.G. arancini


Oh my! The arancini were gigantic! The rice balls were very savory.


Wa chopped salad


The Wa chopped salad was the table’s favorite dish of the night. So many delightful layers and flavors.


winter squash croquettes


We also got the winter squash croquettes which like the arancini were huge. They were perfect for sharing for the four of us, however. We quite liked these.




The higari crudo changes daily. On this night it was scallop. The slices were thinly sliced and beautifully plated. We enjoyed this quite a bit.


Toki’s Miracle


One of my friends ordered the Toki’s Miracle and upon sipping it, I realized it was a Boulevardier made with Japanese whisky. Since it’s called Toki’s Miracle, I’m going with Toki Japanese whisky.

Toki’s Miracle – Toki Japanese whisky, Campari, sweet vermouth


wood roasted romanesco


Sometimes all I want are fresh veggies. The wood roasted romanesco fit the bill perfectly.


hamachi bolognese


I heard a lot about the hamachi bolognese so I wanted to give it a whirl. We expected more of a seafood taste in this dish. My table mates and I were puzzled. It tasted like regular (meat) bolognese. It wasn’t bad but not quite what we expected. Perhaps we should have tried the carbonara ramen instead.

I’d be interested when the upstairs bar opens. In the meantime, Blackship is a good date night spot in West Hollywood.



8512 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069  —  (310) 734-7553


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