DTLA: Smoked Turkey Sandwich at Horse Thief BBQ

smoked turkey sandwich


It’s been a number of yeas since I seriously considered Horse Thief BBQ. 

I went when it first opened.

But for some reason or another, I haven’t been back recently. I am at Grand Central Market almost weekly but have been obsessed with everything from falafel, to Filipino food to Thai. My first loves though are comfort food. And that means meat and in particular barbecue.

My favorite thing we ate that day was the smoked turkey sandwich. I was surprised how juicy the turkey was. And I loved the sauce! I’m not a huge sauce fan so this was a good sign I was looking for me. Plus there’s some kale in there so you can feel virtuous about eating BBQ for lunch.

fried chicken sandwich


The fried chicken sandwich was also new to me. The batter was so light! I thought the turkey had an edge but if if you don’t eat read meat, then try out either sandwich.

Oh, and the corn bread is MASSIVE! I piled on the honey and butter and it’s delicious!

brisket and spare ribs


But of course we couldn’t leave without barbecue! We had the brisket and spare ribs. I am still a baby back fan but will take spare ribs no problem! I enjoyed the cole slaw which tends to be my favorite side but I was surprised how much I liked the potato salad. The beans were good too.


the spread


I’m adding Horse Thief back into rotation when I’m next at Grand Central Market. Plus, it’s always nice to sneak in a lunch time Shiner.

Horse Thief BBQ

at Grand Central Market

324 S Hill St., Los Angeles, CA 90013  — 213-625-0341

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