Koreatown: Pork Neck Stew at Gam Ja Gol

pork neck stew

One night I was talking to a friend how much I love Korean food and how I barely scratched the surface in exploring Koreatown. When the weather is cool, I’m able to persuade friends to try all the different Korean stews on offer.

One night we sought the pork neck stew at Gam Ja Gol.

I may have found my new favorite Korean restaurant. Service was warm, the food is great and the banchan selection is stellar!

banchan spread


We got a small pork neck stew and two bowls of purple rice. Then we went to town nibbling, breaking down the bones and basically scraping up every bit of marrow and meat from our feast.

While I liked the potatoes in the dish, I was after the meat. I have heard you could do a supplement but where’s the fun of digging around the soup?

As for the banchan, I liked the pickled radish, cucumbers, kimchi and mung bean jelly best. Oh, hell, I liked it all so yes, I liked the sprouts as well.

Bonus, if you go later in night, there’s no problem parking in their small lot!

Gam Ja Gol

3003 W Olympic Blvd., Ste 107, Los Angeles, CA 90006  —  (213) 381-6446


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