DTLA: Lunch at Rice and Nori

spam musubi

I added Rice & Nori to my work lunch rotation. I recently found this fast casual spot that carried a few things that other Little Tokyo restaurants didn’t have such as oden and spam musubi.

The spam musubi might be favorite thing. I have ordered it every time I’ve gone. It’s a big slab of spam with a thick layer of egg and the right amount of sauce. I also appreciate they heat it up before serving.

Hokkaido milk tea


I really blame my time in Hong Kong last year for starting my caffeine addiction. I never drink coffee. But now I do. And when I deny that craving for a latte, a creamy milk tea will do. I like the Hokkaido milk tea quite a bit at Rice & Nori though sometimes all the foam is a bit overwhelming.




I recently discovered I love fish cake and balls. I don’t know if I like the texture (yes, I do) or the flavor but I love oden soup which features a variety of such. Plus there’s an whole egg! It’s a great value at $6 too.


seaweed salad


Once I got the three onigiri set and that came with a salad. I chose the seaweed salad which I was delighted to find a couple pieces of cucumber as well.


salmon sashimi

On another visit, I got the 5-hand roll set and it came with sashimi. I chose the salmon which had a yuzu truffle sauce. I used that sparingly




For my 3-piece onigiri set, I chose the spam musubi (shown above), tuna mayo and spicy lobster shrimp. I liked the spicy lobster shrimp quite a bit but wished I had gotten the California or mentaiko avocado instead.

But there’s a huge selection to choose from; everything from chicken teriyaki to more traditional umeboshi (sour plum). I was also intrigued by the spicy miso eggplant. There’s even a plain rice ball if you wish.

hand rolls


When I got the 5-piece hand roll set, I got negi toro, blue crab, salmon, yellow tail and spicy tuna. I love spots like Kazunori which makes hand rolls individually for you. But when you’re at a fast casual spot like Rice & Nori, you get them all at once. So the seaweed might not be as crispy. The rolls are still good though. They’re very generous with the rice.

I’m eyeing the tonjiru soup next time. It’s pork miso soup. I’d like to try out some of the other hand rolls and rice balls as well.


Rice & Nori

123 Astronaut E S Onizuka St., Ste 103, Los Angeles, CA 90012  —  (213) 628-3114


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