SGV: I found My Mr. Right for Noodles

pumpkin cakes

I’m starting another Chinese Food Week on The Minty. We’ll be spending a lot of time in the San Gabriel Valley this week!

I love noodles. But will I love the Mr. Right for noodles? With such a cute name, I met up with a friend at Mr. Right to discover the latest noodles shop in SGV. It’s in the same shopping center as the now defunct Nothingness restaurant.

We got a couple of starters including the pumpkin cakes. They are not sweet at all and the texture was closer to mochi. I found these a little greasy but very good. It would be a good appetizer for four people.

cold apps trio; seaweed, cucumber, shredded tofu


But the two of us devoured the cold apps trio. I just love everything on this dish including the seaweed, cucumber and tofu noodles. I could use a dash more black vinegar on the seaweed but that’s just me loving tart things.

beef noodle soup


Mr. Right is known for their beef noodle soup. We got it mild as I wasn’t sure how hot the spicy version would be. We also added an egg. The beef was very tender. I found the crunchy corn interesting.

pork and mushroom noodle soup


I probably enjoyed the pork and mushroom noodles just a tad more. I’m glad we added an egg to this one because it could use a little more pork belly. Like the pumpkin cakes, beef noodles and this bowl, it was all just a bit too oily for me. Maybe Mr. Right is very slick?

Still, I’d go back. The swing (which really should be big enough for two people to swing on) was adorable.


Mr. Right Noodles

288 S San Gabriel Blvd., Ste 102, San Gabriel, CA 91776  —  (626) 872-1196


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