Chinatown: Steep Teahouse is Now Open



The teahouse, Steep, soft opened over the summer in Chinatown and made its official debut this past Mid-Autumn Festival which happened to be a Friday this year. Steep was quite busy which was nice to see. I am a tea drinker but I have never done a Chinese tea ceremony before. Steep offers tea ceremonies or you can skip that and go straight for the tea. They also offer cold brew (tea) as well.




Have you ever wondered about the tiny tea cups that constantly need to be refilled with hot tea? Why not pour a big mug and drink that? Well, there’s something to be said about methodical and thoughtful tea drinking. As each tiny cup was poured the wait time to steep the next batch increased. Yet, we didn’t notice as our conversation flowed much like the water that dripped into the tiny holes of the tray.

And thee’s more to choose from!


As I watched people drink tea, I wondered if we could have a big tea culture like coffee shops. Will people bring their laptops and work at Steep? Or will it remain more as a social thing? It can be both. I can’t wait to discover more tea.

Steep also offers retail shopping and a limited menu of food. I’d like to try the braised dish or perhaps more desserts next time.



970 N Broadway, Ste 112, Los Angeles, CA 90012  —  (213) 394-5045