Culver City: Steak at Dear John’s


I love old school steak houses. Dear John’s in Culver City may be renovated but it’s all for the better. It still has a charm that only comes from serving good steaks for years and years.

It’s a relatively small restaurant and we were lucky enough to grab a couple of seats at the bar.

I tried a couple of drinks including a daiquiri and Aviation (not shown). The classic drinks are just fine. I probably would go with a gin and tonic next time to keep it even more simple.


oysters Rockefeller

I went surf and turf by creating my own combo. I got the Oysters Rockefeller to start. The order only comes with three oysters so I got two while my friend had one. I let her finish all the salad as a trade off.

I like oysters raw and cooked. I do have to say when they’re cooked, it can get iffy on texture. However, these were still plump and sweet and definitely not chewy.


Caesar salad


Dear John’s is known for their Caesar salad prepared table side but since we were at the bar, they just send it out. It’s still delicious without the show.


chicken parm


My friend had the chicken Parmasean. I thought it looked quite petite in portion size but she said it was just enough since we did have a couple of starters. She did add a side of spaghetti and I have to say that was the move. Definitely get the spaghetti. The side is more than enough for two to share.




I usually get rib eye but didn’t feel like a giant steak that evening so I tried the sirloin. I always get steak done medium rare and it was indeed quite perfect. As mentioned, we had a lot of food. Especially since I also got mushrooms and creamed spinach. I turned it all into a pretty fun rice bowl for lunch the next day.


mushrooms and creamed spinach


The mushrooms were a little salty so I’d proceed with caution. I love creamed spinach (and corn) so I usually will get it if I see it on the menu. It’s the perfect side for an old school steak meal.


Dear John’s

11208 Culver Blvd., Culver City, CA 90230  —  (310) 881-9288



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