PDX: Dinner at Canard

Bad Blood


One of my favorite restaurants in Portland is Le Pigeon. I was heading there when I found out they have a new spot, Canard which is in the same building. Oh yeah, gotta go check it out since I love duck!

I got a drink called Bad Blood. I was attracted to the guava right away which is funny because it has 5 different types of booze in it! Despite all the spirits, it was a very refreshing and easy drinking libation. I probably should have gotten the specs on it.

Bad Blood – blanco tequila, mezcal, Campari, Aveze, Ancho Reyes chile liqueur, guava, lime

steam burger


I didn’t want to eat too much but I couldn’t resist the steam burger. This little baby was so good. I can see why it’s a best seller and why no one blinks when you order a full dinner and still get a snack on the side.


snap peas and wakame


I am always going to order interesting greens. When I spotted the snap peas with wakame, I was very intrigued. How, what? Seaweed and snap peas? The dressing was so good. It’s one of the best salads I’ve ever had. I loved that the peas were sliced which made everything seem so much crunchier.

country fried duck with morels


And then I got the country fried duck with morels. A) I love country fried steak B) I love morels. C) I already previously mentioned I love duck. So let’s country fry the duck and add in lovely morels with a great gravy. The thinly sliced turnips kept things on the lighter side (right???).

Oh my goodness, do I go to Le Pigeon or Canard the next time I’m in town? Oh yeah, the answer is both!


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