Oregon City: The Highland Stillhouse

Scotch eggs


When I was last in Portland, I actually stayed in Oregon City the first couple of nights. I was taking my WSET Spirits Level 2 exam and there were a couple of days of class. We went to Oregon City’s best bar, the Highland Stillhouse, after class one day.

I tried a bite of Scotch egg. I prefer sausage over bacon hands down. It’s so versatile! Let’s wrap eggs with it! The genius who thought of it must have been inspired by a few good drams.

At the Stillhouse, I had a dram of Compass Box Flaming Heart.

fish and chips


I can’t resist fish and chips and for some reason I thought I was starving so I was prepared to get the big portion. I was warned but I was determined. Turns out I should have listened to the warnings! I enjoyed the fish very much.


mushy peas


Then someone said, hey, don’t forget about the mushy peas!

Well, let’s not forget them. They are mushy. They are peas. I actually don’t mind them. If you like mashed potatoes, why wouldn’t you like smashed peas? It’s similar in texture.

If I’m ever back that way, I’ll have to check out more of the different whiskys they have– they claim to have the largest collection of single malts in the area. Also, I have to get some more Scotch eggs!


The Highland Stillhouse

201 S 2nd St., Oregon City, OR 97045  —  (503) 723-6789


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