SGV: Vietnamese Lunch at Kim Hoa Hue

Kim Hoa Hue


I was craving Vietnamese food but not pho. As much as I love pho, I wanted to try other Vietnamese food.

We went to Kim Hoa Hue to try their banh cuon (wide noodle sheets you can eat with toppings or make your own make-shift rice rolls)…. and proceeded to order a lot of other things!


Hue combo


I love combo plates. The appetizers were arranged neatly. I decided it was all good but my fave were the dumplings, ham and silky banh cuon.


chips and jackfruit


I recently discovered not everyone is into jackfruit as I am. That’s okay, more of this fab shredded jackfruit salad for me! You eat it with chips and it felt like the healthiest version of nachos ever.


banh canh


We noticed many tables had banh canh on their tables. This is a seafood noodle soup with pork which is my fave combo.


bun bo hue


Bun bo hue is typically spicy. At Kim Hoa Hue, it leaned to the sweeter side. It was a comforting bowl rather than a challenging one.

Overall, it’s a good spot but the challenge to find the best banh cuon continues.


Kim Hoa Hue

9813 Garvey Ave., El Monte, CA 91733  —  (626) 350-1382


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