Glendale: Everyone Loves Dumplings at Monta Factory

monta and salad

When I was in Armenia, I didn’t try any monta (also spelled mantuh, manti, mante). I first tried them when I went to a local popup in Los Angeles.

I love all things dumplings at these tiny dumplings are stuffed with meat and served with garlicky yogurt sauce. They’re usually stuffed with beef or lamb but Monta Factory in Glendale makes a version with Impossible meat, garbanzo beans, lentils and kidney beans. Friends love this version but I have only tried the beef.


meat monta


There are two sizes of trays to choose from. The regular size feeds 2-3 people easily. The Hangry size is for when you, your family, next door neighbors and dog are all hungry. Okay, maybe just a family of 4-6 should enjoy getting this as take-out.


eech salad


The eech salad was also tasty. It’s bulgur wheat and tomatoes and red onions. This would also be a great side dish to bring to a party along with that Hangry size of monta.


cheese booreg

Monta Factory gave us booreg to try and I was in love with all the layers! Plus such great cheese. I loved the Monterey jack and Greek feta pastry so much.

I love that I live in LA and can enjoy foods from around the world in my own backyard. No need to travel far when  you can find pretty much any cuisine here.

Monta Factory

1208 W Glenoaks Blvd., Glendale, CA 91201  —  (818) 396-4445


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