Allston Yacht Club in Echo Park

amuse bouche

After UniqueLA, I headed off to see my friend’s new digs in Echo Park. It was kind of fun for me to show her around her new neighborhood. We wound up at Allston Yacht Club, the old location of 15 which I found passable. We had a good time at AYC and I’m glad it changed over.


Having recently vacationed in Boston, I thought the name Allston was pretty fun. Allston is a neighborhood of Boston. I was trying to remember the decor of 15 and am pretty sure most of it was the same. At least, it seemed like the same lay-out.

shishito peppers


club salad

AYC sent us out a little amuse, their Frico which are cheese crackers with tomato confit. My friend doesn’t eat much dairy so she passed it on to me. Because of that, I had to pass up the short ribs grilled cheese (they have a daily grilled cheese) which sounded amazing. Or perhaps because that day was also the Grilled Cheese Invitational and I didn’t go. Oh, wait, I just remembered I try to avoid too much cheese as well.

AYC had an extensive cocktail list which all sounded very interesting but our server described this fresh daiquiri that sounded so refreshing, I ordered it. I also had the fig infused old fashioned later but I found that to be way too sweet.

I introduced my friend to shishito peppers years ago so whenever we see it on the menu, we always order them. These were freshly grilled and piping hot. I loved them. We also had a nice light salad and octopus to start.

old fashioned

short ribs


Besides the short ribs and polenta, we also ordered the shrimp and feta gratin but apparently I forgot to take a picture of it. The short ribs were very tender and I really liked the mash it came on. The polenta was good but my friend rejected it because of the onions. Yay, more onions for me! We ended up not eating much of the feta from the shrimp gratin but we were really full.

I generally don’t order dessert with this particular friend but if I could have, I would have liked something sweet. Then again, I had my drink and cupcakes earlier in the day.

Allston Yacht Club

1320 Echo Park Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90026

(213) 481-0454