UniqueLA: Great Shopping & Food

UniqueLA really stepped up their game this year with the inclusion of more food trucks and vendors.

While strolling and enjoying the shopping, I came across Burlesque Bakery. I was attracted to the cupcakes right away as I liked the gimmick. Hell, they’re MasturBakers!

Although ever since I was a judge at the Cupcake Challenge, I haven’t had very many cupcakes. I was glad my friend and I shared the four mini cupcakes available that day; Eartha Kitt, Brigitte Bardot, Sandra Dee and Kim Novak.

Eartha Kitt– the chocolate with peanut butter filling was fantastic.

Bridget Bardot– vanilla with lemon pudding, nice and refreshing

Sandra Dee– vanilla with marshmallow fluff filling, cream soda filling and topped with pop rocks. I was surprisingly into this one.

Kim Novak– Pink vanilla with rosewater buttercream. Hands down this was our favorite of the day.

I wanted to try Fresser’s but they were out of pastrami by the time I was ready for a snack. I ended up getting a couple of buns from Flying Pig. Both trucks had tables set up with food but I love how Fresser’s brought a mock-up of their truck to display in the window.

duck and pork belly buns

They were out of drinks so the lemonade is from Tiara Cafe. The buns from Flying Pig are great. I loved the duck bun which Sonja, founder of UniqueLA said was her fave. I thought the pork belly was a bit skimpy though as it was mostly onions and cucumber. I would have these again though the $4 price tag for each is a bit steep considering I can get several tacos for that amount!

As for the shopping I did? Let’s just say I did my part to help out the economy! I can’t wait for the Winter show!