Ice Cream Festival at Rosa Mexicano

The Festival of Ice Cream is going on right now at Rosa Mexicano. There’s only one more week until August 1st to try 10 different ice cream and sorbets created for this special event.

Ice Cream

Vainilla / Mexican vanilla
Chocolate Mexicano / Mexican chocolate
Cajeta y Sal Marina / Sea salted cajeta
Maíz con Palomitas Caramelizadas / Sweet corn and caramel popcorn
Galletas Mexicanas / Cinnamon chocolate cookies and cream
Granad con Chispas de Chocolate y Menta / Pomegranate mint chocolate chip fudge swirl
Arándano y Crema / Blueberry crema

Lima y Tomatillo / Tomatillo lime ice
Jamaica y Granada / Hibiscus pomegranate
Arándano / Blueberry

lima y tomatillo sorbet

I was delighted to try my hand at making beer floats with the various flavors. The tomatillo lime went great with a light beer such as Negro Modelo especial.

blueberry crema

My two favorite flavors from the ice creams had to be the blueberry cream fraiche and sweet corn. We got to ask the Executive Chef John England about the ice cream and he took the time to explain that although the special event goes on until August 1st, they may still have a few flavors left so ask for them. The flavors offered on the regular menu are made by Fosselman’s and these special flavors were made by Milk but all recipes were developed by the pastry chef at the Rosa Mexicano’s Miami location.

Don’t miss out!

Rosa Mexicano

800 W Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90015
(213) 746-000