Castro: Poesia + Gays & Dolls in SF

After checking out the Farmers Market at the Ferry Building, we had a hard time deciding what to do about dinner. Carina’s friend Lauren was joining us for the Gays and Dolls crawl. I have previously instructed Carina on how to attract a gay boyfriend and she then in turn taught Lauren to wear cool, giant accessories.

We decided to stay in Castro and since Carina had been craving pasta for days, we opted to try Poesia. I read they made their own pastas and the chef used to be the chef for Francis Ford Coppola.

Blueberry Manhattan

After starting with a cocktail, a blueberry Manhattan for me, we moved onto a couple of appetizers and a salad.


artichoke cake

insalata verde

I cannot help but order mussels everywhere I go. I would have ordered sardines but the girls weren’t into that idea. These were fresh and plump. I also enjoyed the artichoke cake which was supposedly fried but seemed more baked to us. It wasn’t greasy and went great as a dip for the house bread.

squashblossom farfalla

artichoke orecchiette

I absolutely thought Carina’s farfalla with the stuffed squashblossoms was super tasty. I also liked Lauren’s artichoke orecchiette. Both pastas were perfect.

pork ribs pasta

However, my own pasta was just okay. While the sauce was good, the pork ribs were tough. I also didn’t like how my pasta was so hard. It wasn’t al dente, it was undercooked. I was full by this point anyway and enjoyed the little bites from my companions.

chocolate cake

Too full for dessert? Yes, but we tried this chocolate cake anyway. While the cake was fine, I felt the kosher salt used on it were too big of a crystal. It was really unpleasantly salty.

But the general consensus was this place is great and I think Carina’s found her new Italian place in the neighborhood.


4072 18th Street
San Francisco, CA 94114-2534
(415) 252-9325

When I planned my trip to San Francisco, I thought I should hit up some gay bars. This isn’t a hobby of mine. I am gay adjacent but I’m not really fond of going to gay bars without my gay posse. Still, how hard could it be to do a gay bar crawl in SF without the posse?

Well, I chose badly for the first two bars. I had read reviews but not really gotten first hand accounts from the posse. At the first bar, Moby Dick, the three of us were immediately welcomed as “the straight girls” who had “the power of the pussy.” Er, while this was hilarious at the time, it sparked some later discussion. Do women wield the power?

You bet your ass they do! Case in point, our newfound buddy said he thought he spotted a straight boy (oh, really?) back in the crowd. He went to get him. For some unknown reason, this guy decided to attach himself to me. I was NOT into him. I think I rather have fought a bum again.

Look, I’m a tall chick. Standing at 5’8″ in my Chucks (yeah, I wasn’t wearing heels this night), I was a good 5 or 6 inches taller than this mini Seth Rogan look-alike. It was horrific he kept staring at me, eating me up with his eyes. CREEPY.

Creepy stalker harassing us

We escaped to Midnight Sun and the second bar was no better. I am used to my pretty gay boys in WeHo (yeah, I’m that sort of gay adjacent) and as much as I loved my soon-to-be-protectors, it wasn’t my scene. There was no room to groove and we had to leave very quickly when my new found midget Seth Rogan stalker caught up with us. We said we were going to yet a third bar but in reality, we skipped it and went straight to Badlands.

After paying the $2 cover, we were handed a flyer that said:

“Beware of thieves and pickpockets. Check your bags- watch your wallets. If you see any suspicious activity, please tell an employee immediately. Thank you.”

Uh. This is the dance club that everyone loves? Maybe there’s a reason why it’s nicknamed “Sadlands.”

It was sweltering. On the dance floor, I eventually located a new gay boyfriend and adopted him for the night. James is 24, tall, gorgeous hair and eyes.  Plus he’s from New Zealand so he had a cool accent (this is where I should perhaps moan about why can’t I find a straight guy like him). We chatted about him living in Orange County (boring) and what he’s been doing the last six months (nothing). I told him to call me knowing full well he wouldn’t.

An older gay guy saw us holding hands later and told me in an obnoxious way I better hang on to him because James looked yummy. Yeah, well, I’m waiting for him to call.

All in all, it was a fantastic night. We had a great dinner and now I can officially say I’ve been to Castro.