Highland Park: Good Girl Dinette

Imperial Chicken Rolls

When Good Girl Dinette first opened, I was really excited and grabbed my BFF to check it out. She wasn’t very happy with her vegetarian meal (she thought her banh mi had too much mayo) and I thought mine was so-so (I ordered the beef stew and it was more carrots than beef). I wanted to go back after they worked out some kinks (noise issues) but it would be over a year before I got a chance to go again.

I liked the Imperial chicken rolls we had to start. The blistered skins were nice but I recall liking the mushroom more on my first visit.

pork banh mi with spicy fries

Armed with a Blackboard Eats code, we ordered the Imperial Chicken Rolls, two house sodas, the pork confit, pork noodle bowl, pork banh mi and the coconut maple bread pudding. I spent $15 so it was a fantastic deal.

pork confit

Good Girl Dinette has a blackboard describing where their greens and meat were sourced. Our pork was kurobuta pork. It’s more tender and flavorful.

pork noodle salad

I love bun mi or what Good Girl Dinette calls “noodle salads.” It arrived with the pork on the side. I wasn’t all together sure if I was supposed to toss the sauce into the bowl or not but I did as my noodles were clumping a bit and I thought the moisture would help. Usually with bun mi, they give you fish sauce which I would add a touch of hot sauce before dumping in my bowl. The veggies were absolutely very fresh and featured some of the longest bean sprouts I’ve ever seen. It actually slowed down my scarfing so maybe that was a good thing because I filled up very quickly.

coconut maple bread pudding

I usually shy away from coconut infected (I mean, themed) desserts. I was very happy that this coconut maple bread pudding was more subtle maple than horrible gnarly shredded coconut bits of my nightmares.

There are still noise issues with the space. On my first visit, the club next door was rockin’ and though I didn’t think there was a show going on when I was there last week, the dining room was so loud, I could barely hear my dining companions. I think some art might help absorb some of the noise (velvet paintings?).

I love that it is BYOB. On my next visit, maybe I’ll bring a six-pack like the two dudes did at a neighboring table. I also do want to try the pot pie which takes 30 minutes. Vietnamese meets diner, indeed.


Good Girl Dinette

110 N Avenue 56
Los Angeles, CA 90042
(323) 257-8980