SGV: Lobster at Newport Seafood

Almost 3.5 pounds of lobster

Almost 3.5 pounds of lobster


I’m usually fairly low-key during holidays. Growing up, my dad would make sure we’d go to restaurant for specific holidays on not the actual day of the holiday itself because he wanted to avoid the crowds. If only I remembered that.

On Christmas, my friend and I arrived at Newport Seafood around 6:15. They told my friend who got there first it’d be about 30 minutes. They neglected to tell her 2 hours and 30 minutes. Yep, we didn’t sit down until almost 9 PM. By that time, I was ready to eat 10 lobsters.

You may ask why I waited this long for this particular Chinese-Vietnamese restaurant. I ask myself that question as well. It’s just I’ve always wanted to go to Newport for their lobster (I heard their crab is great too). And since it was Christmas, I thought it’d be nice to go. Apparently half the San Gabriel Valley thought so as well. They actually turned away people starting around 7 PM. Oh, they knew it was going to be a big wait and the kitchen was going to close at 9:30 PM that night.

crab and asparagus soup

crab and asparagus soup


During our long wait, we actually didn’t study the menu until about 30 minutes before we were seated. We chose the crab and asparagus soup, the lobster (of course), a vegetable and talked about noodles.

The soup was pretty much disintegrated bits of crab and asparagus. It was a bit hard to tell the difference between the two. I would like to try the seafood bean curd soup or the West Lake beef soup next time. Actually, there were a number of other soups that caught my eye including the shrimp hot and sour. I might have to also try the house assorted seafood soup.




I decided to get oysters too for luck. Although this dish was mostly green onions, it was delicious, especially with warm white rice.

green beans

string beans


Our server convinced us to get the dry-fried string beans. We had enough to take home but we demolished our almost 3.5 pound lobster. At $16 a pound, this lobster was actually quite affordable.

We didn’t ask for a particular sauce with the lobster trusting the Newport special lobster was the one we wanted. There’s also ginger and green onion, salt and pepper, black bean sauce or simply steamed lobster. While waiting, we heard everyone going through the menu and someone suggested getting the salt and pepper crab. Next time I will.

Newport Seafood does charge corkage though. We were charged $15 per bottle we opened and we opened two. Still, not bad for a Christmas dinner in the SGV.


Newport Tan Cang Seafood

518 W Las Tunas Dr., San Gabriel, CA 91776  — (626) 289-5998

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