For the Record: The Marshalls – Just a Few Shows Left

The Marshalls show

The Marshalls show

I loved the TV shows Happy Days and subsequently Laverne and Shirley as a kid (they were re-runs, I am not that old). So when I heard there was going to be a For the Record show based on the music from siblings Garry and Penny Marshall, I was very excited. I really hoped there would be a bit from Laverne and Shirley. I won’t spoil it but get excited!

There are also songs from Pretty Woman, Big, Beaches, A League of Their Own and much more. After seeing it, I wanted to watch Pretty Woman again. Such a classic! As usual, I felt the rush of a live performance with great performers. They can dance, sing, play music and duck around servers bring you more food and drinks.

The space is much bigger than the original bar area. Rockwell has knocked down a wall and expanded it to become the Rockwell Table and Stage. I would recommend sitting in the middle so you have a view of everything but I loved that no matter where you are, you feel a part of the show.

Saturday Night Sazarac

Saturday Night Sazarac

The cocktails list has changed and I’m happy to report the drinks were intriguing. This night I went with the Saturday Night Sazarac. I approve of getting more craft cocktails out to the general populace. It was a touch sweet for me but a perfect gateway cocktail for those looking to switch from clear spirits to brown.

lobster deviled eggs

lobster deviled eggs

The food menu has changed as well. I checked out the short ribs which were tender and also the lobster deviled eggs for an appetizer. I have a fondness for both and couldn’t resist the combination.

There are only a few days left for the Marshalls show. Go see it before it ends on April 14th!

After this run, I’m looking forward to another run of Baz Luhrmann which I heard they will be updating with songs from the upcoming Great Gatsby movie.

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For the Record at the Rockwell Table & Stage

The Marshalls until April 14

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