Lincoln Driven to Dine at Red Medicine

Lincoln MZT

Lincoln MKZ

The Lincoln Motor Company has recently partnered with several restaurants for “Driven 2 Dine” which showcases their cars. I attended the one at Red Medicine a couple of weeks back.

I took a short test drive in the Lincoln MKZ. I opted to test drive the V6 version rather than the hybrid. The first thing I noticed was there was no gear shift. To change gears, there were buttons to go from park to drive to reverse. The Lincoln Motor Company rep also ran through some interesting features with me including up to 5 smartphones and devices could be synced to the car. No more switching from one phone to another just to get to a different playlist.

Also, the car can sense if you’re drifting and will nudge you back in place in between the lines. When in cruise control, the car will automatically adjust to the speed of the car in front of you. Pretty neat! You practically don’t need to drive yourself.

I would probably have to drive the car on the open road to get a better sense of the car. Going around a couple of blocks in rush-hour traffic on Wilshire was not ideal to showcase the car. Oh but it was so nice to drive a new car. It felt really luxurious.


fava rillete

Once seated, we were treated to a 8-course meal and drinks at Red Medicine. We started with the fava rillete, Brussels sprouts, crispy spring rolls with Dungeness crab and chicken dumplings.

The fava rillete was new to me. I liked but I love fava beans and sprouts. Sprouts always remind me of sunflower and sprout pita sandwiches my mom would make me. Red Medicine’s rillete was basically a spread for toast points. It was a nice light starter.



At Red Medicine, the drinks have always traditionally gone by numbers instead of names. I chose #82 which was described as tropical, passion fruit, pineapple and strong. It also listed an umbrella as a garnish so that’s what I informally called it. I’m guessing the base spirit is rum. Not all the cocktails mention their actual ingredients but instead tried to instill a certain feeling. I say they were successful at a neo-tiki drink.

dungeness crab rolls

dungeness crab spring rolls

I have always liked the crab spring rolls at Red Medicine. These were perfectly fried that night.

chicken dumplings

chicken dumplings

We didn’t get the cool plating of the chicken dumplings the last time I had them though I suspect it’s because it was just the two of us. We did however get all the accoutrements and so we wrapped up the chicken meatball (dumpling) with various herbs and dunked it into the dipping sauce.

Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts

The Brussels sprouts have gotten more amazing. This was one of my favorite dishes of the night. I was really happy Red Medicine kept to some of their familiar and best dishes.


Alaskan Halibut


Round two brought us the Alaskan halibut, young potatoes and Imperial Wagyu beef brisket.

I found the fish a bit dry but most of the diners I talked to solved this problem by dunking it into the sauce meant for the brisket– which didn’t need it because it was so tender and flavorful.




What numbered cocktail should I get next? I thought #86 with raisin, nutty, brandy, citrus peel sounded great. It was described as the perfect drink for the brown, bitter, stirred girl. It was a bit on the sweeter side for me but not overwhelmingly so. The raisin flavor reminded me of a good port.

short ribs

Imperial Waguy beef brisket


For those unfamiliar with Red Medicine, Chef Jordan Kahn takes his cues from Vietnamese cuisine. Having pickled vegetables, lettuce and herbs as well as dipping sauce arrive with the beef may be intimidating but it’s actually pretty easy.


wrap it up!


You pile on the accoutrements onto a lettuce leaf and roll it up. I ended up actually doing the same with the fish when I saw we still had some lettuce and herbs left.


young potatoes


We rounded out our meal with the best potatoes I’ve had in a while. The young potatoes had plenty of butter but with some herbs and flowers to lighten it up (who needs that? I brushed that aside!).


coconut bavoris


Years ago I fell in love with the coconut bavarois. It was and still is my favorite dessert at Red Medicine. I’m glad I got to share it with a friend new to the restaurant. She said she’ll be going back for more!


The Lincoln Motor Company

Red Medicine

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