Where to Drink During Negroni Week, June 6-12

Negroni Week: June 6-12

Negroni Week: June 6-12


Negroni Week is upon us! The week long celebration and fundraiser sponsored by Campari and Imbibe Magazine brings a slew of bar specials featuring the bitter cocktail June 6-12. What’s unique about the program is each restaurant and/or bar gets to donate a portion of sales to their charity of choice. I’m rooting for Inspire Artistic Minds, the scholarship that benefits culinary students and bartenders who want to further their education. They’re celebrating with a party at Mesa in Orange County on Monday, June 6 and tickets are still available!

While I love the classic Negroni, it’s also fun to check out new drinks… and food! Umami Burger got into the act by creating a Negroni Burger. The BBQ sauce for the burger features Campari. Sales of the burger will benefit the James Beard Foundation. The Fiscal Agent in Studio City has a frozen Negroni Slushie. Their charity is PATH (People Assisting the Homeless). Or the Negroni float at The Spare Room sounds delightful with coconut Campari ice cream. Spare Room will be donating to LA Kitchen, which is an organization dedicated to eradicating food waste.

With over 90 participating locations in the LA metro area alone, it’ll be tough to pick out a few but this handy dandy page will help you narrow down some choices. And here are a couple of my picks:

The Corner Door which is doing an amazing sounding seven-drinks menu inspired by the Game of Thrones. All seven drinks will feature Campari. Their charity is the Forgotten Dog Foundation.

Bar Toscana also will feature 7 drinks for Negroni Week with two special Aperitivo Hours. On Tuesday, June 7, join them and the Campari Italian Brands for drinks and small bites. And then they do it all over again on Wednesday, June 8 with Carpano Antica and Fratelli Branca (because you need sweet vermouth with your gin and Campari to make a Negroni!). Drinks are priced a la carte but the bar bites will be complimentary. Both Aperitivo nights will be from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Bar Toscana’s charity is the Gordon Brown Fellowship which provides additional financial support to LA high school students going on to college.


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