Silver Lake: Going Vegetarian and Vegan at Pine and Crane

daikon and egg dumplings

daikon and egg potstickers


I’ve been meaning to check out Pine and Crane in Silver Lake for a while now. Everyone I know loves this spot. But since I frequent the San Gabriel Valley a lot, I tend not to seek Chinese food in other parts of town. Although, I have been known to hop around trying as many dumplings as I can. Pine and Crane is Taiwanese food like Little Fatty in Mar Vista or Lao Tao in Chinatown. I do think Pine and Crane is more traditional despite offering beer and being in a trendy neighborhood.

My friend I checked it out with is vegan but did try the vegetarian  daikon and egg dumplings. These were delicious. I wondered how I’d like the meaty ones so I’ll be back for the spicy shrimp wontons, kurobuta pork dumplings and pan fried pork buns. I don’t mind eating vegan or vegetarian once in a while but it’s definitely not a lifestyle for me.


spicy peanuts


We also had the spicy peanuts. I have had these at food fests before and they’re always a good starter. And the only source of protein in our meal besides the aforementioned eggs.

trio of cold salads- seaweed, woodear mushroom and five-spice bamboo shoots

trio of cold salads- seaweed, woodear mushroom and five-spice bamboo shoots


I approved of Pine and Crane’s cold case which held a number of salads. I opted for the seaweed, woodear mushrooms and five-spice bamboo shoots. You have to like crunchy textures like I do to get into these.

mushroom rice

three cup mushroom rice


We also got the three cup mushroom rice which came with lots of good pieces of ginger. I wanted to try the mabo tofu (the one with kurobuta pork but they do have a vegan option) but we wanted to get noodles as well so I’ll get the mabo next time.


dan dan noodles

dan dan noodles


The dan dan noodles had a nice sesame peanut sauce with just the slightest hint of mala spice. I eyed a neighboring table’s beef noodle soup and promised myself I’ll do Pine and Crane, meaty style next time.

But what did I think of it as a place for vegetarians or vegans? It’s great! There were plenty of options and I can see why it’s so popular in the neighborhood.  There really isn’t anything else like it until you head into the SGV.

Pine and Crane

1521 Griffith Park Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026  —  (323) 668-1128
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